South Bend Birth Photographer | The Birth Of Eira


The birth and adoption of Eira is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had the privilege to witness. Adoptive parents, Ryan & Michelle, lost their sweet baby girl, Juno, in 2015. She is the undercurrent of this story. I believe with all my heart that she is proud of Ryan & Michelle and how they have chosen to open their hearts to adoption. Eira really is the luckiest little girl to have them chosen to be her parents. They were made to love each other!

Eira’s birth parents have made such a huge sacrifice and have given them such a precious gift. All of it because this baby girl is so deeply LOVED. Never in my life I have seen such a sacrifice - all because they wanted to give her the best life possible.

My heart can never really put into words how it felt to be a witness to such an incredible love story. I am so thankful for being able to document not only Eira’s birth but the love that surrounded her.

Be sure to watch Eira’s birth video below!

To give and not expect return. That is what lies at the heart of love.”
— Oscar Wilde

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